Jeff Goronkin; Chief Strategy Officer


Jeff Goronkin

Jeff Goronkin co-founded Buzz Media Solutions in 2009 and manages the firm’s client strategies and creative services. He has led marketing, sales and business development initiatives in a number of industries, including nanotechnology, biotechnology, and manufacturing. At Buzz, Goronkin leverages his experience to develop marketing and communications strategies to help clients better engage with their markets and achieve their goals.

Prior to Buzz Media Solutions, Goronkin was founder and CEO of social networking website iZoca.com and Vice President for Life Sciences at Evident Technologies, a nanotechnology firm developing quantum dot-based applications for a variety of industries. He also managed sales, business development and customer service for Proligo, a bio-reagent company, and held sales and business development positions with Integrated DNA Technologies, a manufacturer and developer of synthetic DNA and RNA for the life science research and diagnostics market.

Goronkinholds a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Arizona and is a primary author on a quantum dot medical device patent and a social networking system patent.


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Jeff [at] BuzzMediaSolutions.com

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