Susan Storey Bardack; Chief Executive Officer


Buzz Media Solutions Susan Bardack

Susan Storey Bardack, a founder and CEO of Buzz Media Solutions, has over 20 years of experience in the field of communications. At Buzz Media Solutions Bardack oversees marketing efforts for a wide variety of clients across several industries. She has coordinated media attention and events for actress Goldie Hawn, Cirque du Soleil and DreamWorks.

Prior to Buzz Media Solutions, Bardack was the chief marketing officer for iZoca.com, a technology start-up company. In this role she coordinated all marketing efforts and raised significant funds to keep the company on track toward achieving its goals. Bardack began her career in marketing as a senior associate at a communications firm where she worked with several high profile clients including, McDonald’s.

Previously, Bardack spent a decade in a management role at the CBS affiliate where she managed the reporting staff and coordinated news coverage. Bardack received a professional honor awarded by Freedom Communications for her role in a major national story.

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518.387.3114 ext. 701


Susan [at] BuzzMediaSolutions.com

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