The Stakeholders Announce $150,000 Volunteer Generation Grant



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The Stakeholders Announce $150,000 Volunteer Generation Grant from the New York State Office of National & Community Service to Launch New Regional Volunteer Center

The Center Aims to Provide Much Needed Services to Non-Profit Organizations and Will Streamline Volunteering in the Capital Region

July 2012 (Albany, NY) Catherine Hedgeman, CEO of The Stakeholders announced today the organization has partnered with New York State Office of National and Community Service to establish The Stakeholders as a Regional Volunteer Center. Hedgeman said, “This initiative further advances the mission of The Stakeholders as an important and innovative volunteer resource in the Capital Region. We are thrilled to be working with the state, area non-profit organizations and the community to build a stronger New York through volunteerism and support services.”

The Stakeholders is the recipient of a $150,000 three-year volunteer generation grant from the New York State Office of National and Community Service to establish the Regional Volunteer Center. Mark Walter, the organization’s executive director said, “The Stakeholders was chosen as one of 10 Regional Volunteer Centers in the state of New York because of their demonstrated commitment to charitable activities and initiatives that support non-profit organizations in the Capital Region.” The Stakeholders Regional Volunteer Center will provide services to eight counties including Albany, Rensselaer, Schenectady, Columbia, Greene, Saratoga, Warren and Washington.

Hedgeman said, “Training, connecting people to volunteer opportunities and gathering critical data on volunteerism will play an important role at the new RVC.” The Stakeholders will be providing training to area non-profits in the areas of volunteer recruitment, management, and retention. These trainings will be offered to local volunteer organizations to help build capacity within participating agencies to ensure volunteers have a meaningful experience that addresses needs in their local community.

Albany County Executive Dan McCoy said, “I believe in the power of volunteerism. Not only is it good for our community, but volunteering helps us grow as individuals. The Stakeholders and their designation as a Regional Volunteer Center will play a vital and vibrant role in our region.”

Regional Volunteer Centers, including The Stakeholders, are tasked with gathering data that will initially provide a benchmark on volunteer activities in the region and serve as a standard to measure future volunteer participation and quality. Jeff Stone, president, Capital Region, KeyBank, said, “To truly be a strong, sustainable community, which is what we all want for the Capital Region, business, political and community leaders must work together to develop a shared vision and execute a plan that will spur economic development, promote diversity and support cultural vibrancy. The information gathered by The Stakeholders will help community-minded businesses like KeyBank make educated decisions about the funding and support they provide to local charities.” The aggregated data will be provided back to the local charitable non-profit organizations to show the benefits of their activities when applying for funding and soliciting donations.

Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings said, “I have been following The Stakeholders since its inception and congratulate them on this significant achievement. The volunteers who established The Stakeholders and those who continue to push the organization forward demonstrate the commitment people of the Capital Region have to their neighbors and in making our area a great place to live.”

The Regional Volunteer Center also serves as a conduit to connect people to new volunteer opportunities in the Capital Region. Mark Quandt, executive director at the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York said, “The Regional Food Bank fully supports The Stakeholders and we are excited to share new volunteer opportunities with them. We expect the RVC to be a tremendous resource for our organization as well as other area non-profits.”

The Stakeholders volunteer portal – www.thestakeholders.org – is available to all local 501 (c)(3) charitable non-profit organizations. They can post volunteer opportunities, and people interested in volunteering their time can search for opportunities as well as connect directly to the organization through The Stakeholders website. Hedgeman said, “Our interactive volunteer portal is powered by salesforce.com and provides an impressive technical solution that we can offer at no charge to non-profit organizations.” The Stakeholders website is provided through salesforce.com and through the affiliation the organization has with HandsOn Network.

“A community with a strong volunteer agenda supports a healthy economy and an increased quality of life for all citizens” said Michael F. Tucker, CEO of the Center for Economic Growth. “We applaud The Stakeholders for taking on this role.”

Community Open House and Networking Event
The Stakeholders will be holding an open house and networking event on September 6, 2012 from 5:00pm to 7:00pm at the Beahive located at 418 Broadway in Albany. The event is open to the public to come and learn more about The Stakeholders, its programs and volunteer opportunities in the Capital Region.

About The Stakeholders:
The Stakeholders is located at 915 Broadway, Albany, NY. The Stakeholders programs include The Stakeholders Institute, which educates participants on regional philanthropy, arts and sustainability; Days of Service, which occurs twice a year on September 11th and on Martin Luther King’s birthday; special community projects and the annual Get on Board Awards (a.k.a. The GOBYs), that recognize people of excellence in volunteerism.

The Stakeholders was recently designated as one of 10 Regional Volunteer centers in the State of New York and is an affiliate of Hands On Network of the National Points of Light Institute, an organization supported by the George Bush Foundation.
For more information, contact Catherine Hedgeman, Stakeholders CEO, at 518-573-3108 or ceo@thestakeholders.org

About the New York State Commission on National and Community Service
The State Commission on National & Community Service works collaboratively with the Corporation for National & Community Service and New York State Education Department to administer 240 national service programs that engage more than 80,000 volunteers annually in the State of New York. The State Commission and its partners leverage the impact of AmeriCorps, VISTA, and Senior Corps programs to address the needs identified in the State’s service and civic engagement agenda in the core areas of education, environmental stewardship, healthy futures, disaster services, veterans and military families, and economic opportunity. In addition, the State Commission leads the efforts of a statewide network of ten regional volunteer centers that partner with community-based organizations to deliver training and resources that build volunteer management capacity in order to more effectively meet state and local needs.

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