Twitter: The Basics


Buzz Media Twitter-the-BasicsGetting Started:

Your @username is your Twitter URL, so it should be an obvious choice that reinforces your brand identity. Once you’ve decided on your @username, put it on your marketing materials so your customers and partners know where to find you.

Visually represent your brand with a profile image and background images that best reflect your company and give your page a professional, unified look.

Write a clear, concise bio that describes your brand, products or services. No need to write a novel—shorter is often better. To help drive traffic, include a clickable link to your main website.

Gaining Followers:

The beauty of Twitter is that you can follow anyone you want and generally people will follow you back so gaining followers shouldn’t be a challenge.

You can also use retweets as a way to get more followers (if you retweet someone’s tweet, there is a good chance they will appreciate it and start following you back).

Retweets are also good for sharing relevant information and interesting links – you can be just an okay tweeter but great retweeter, and people will reward that!

Favoriting tweets is akin to “liking” a post on Facebook. You’re showing the person that you like what they tweeted but unlike Facebook, Twitter is a cascading river of tweets so favorites don’t help a particular tweet gain exposure. That is why retweets are more effective!

However, the benefit of favoriting a tweet is that you might get that person to follow you back!

The Challenge:

The true challenge of Twitter is getting your Tweets seen. One Facebook post a day might be sufficient, but just one 140 character tweet is going to get lost amongst all the other noise on a person’s twitter feed. The good news is, you can send a variation of the same tweet out every couple of hours without it being overkill and you will increase the number of people who will see it.

Tweeting Tips:

Twitter is all about what is happening right NOW! So links to news articles/current events are great. Look at what is “trending” in the world (left sidebar) and use the corresponding hashtag in your tweet.

Hashtags are used to target certain topics and draw attention to that subject. Don’t know what hashtags to use? Look at what hashtags are trending to get in on the world’s conversations or make up your own and encouraging your followers to use it!

Tweeting links to your website is important because although social media is fun to play with, the goal is to get people in the door. It is good to link people directly to a landing page on your website that has a specific call to action.

Just like Facebook, you can create contests on Twitter. Tweet out a question that encourages people to reply and remind them to use a specific hashtag in order to be considered for the contest. Everyone likes to win!

Tweet about current specials or deals or limited time coupons. Reward your most active followers!

When someone retweets or favorites one of your tweets, reward that person by following them back. It takes two seconds and they will feel valued. If someone replies to your tweet, try to reply back using their Twitter handle. People love recognition!

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